October 29, 2021
Decades of legal battles over pollution by industrial hog farms haven’t changed much for eastern NC residents burdened by environmental racism

Courts agree that the people who live near the industrial hog farms in Bladen, Duplin and Sampson counties continue to suffer environmental harms, but state and local laws make it increasingly difficult to get justice. By ESI Journalism Fellow Melba Newsome.

October 26, 2021
This startup uses AI and satellite imagery to preserve trees, moose habitat in Minnesota

Startup NCX has created a forest carbon marketplace to pay landowners for deferring timber harvests. By ESI Journalism Fellow Nora Hertel. Photo: Brian Allen

October 25, 2021
5 ways Minnesota is ramping up efforts to combat climate change in forests and fields

Minnesota has a number of state-led efforts to combat climate change despite partisan disagreement in the state's split Legislature. By ESI Journalism Fellow Nora Hertel. Photo: Dave Schwarz

October 24, 2021
Minnesotans are helping to sequester carbon for big US companies. Here’s what that means

Carbon sequestration is the science of capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. ESI Journalism Fellow Nora Hertel explains how it works in forests and farms. Photo: Dave Schwarz

October 24, 2021
Minnesota farmers are getting paid to fight climate change by cultivating a new cash crop: carbon

Agricultural carbon markets pay farmers to draw greenhouse gases, but there's still debate on how well they work and how they should be measured. By ESI Journalism Fellow Nora Hertel. Photo: Dave Schwarz

October 20, 2021
Unchecked growth of industrial animal farms spurs long fight for environmental justice in Eastern NC

As large-scale hog and poultry industries continue to grow in eastern North Carolina, local residents push back against decades of air and water pollution. By ESI Journalism Fellow Melba Newsome. Photo: Cape Fear River Watch

October 15, 2021
ESI Principles of Conduct and Engagement: 2021 updates

Each year, the entire ESI team undertakes a review of our Principles of Conduct and Engagement. Here are the most important changes in 2021.

October 8, 2021
Three questions on cities and climate change with Norhan Bayomi

An introduction to our post-doctoral associate in cities and climate change.

September 30, 2021
Mining, water resources and community relations

The MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative (ESI) has released a new white paper detailing recent research on conflict over water in regions affected by both and climate change and mining.

September 30, 2021
Minería, recursos hídricos y relaciones comunitarias

La Iniciativa de Soluciones Ambientales del MIT anunció un libro blanco nuevo que detalla una investigación reciente sobre conflicto hídrico en regiones afectadas tanto por el cambio climático como la minería.

September 30, 2021
Covering local climate stories

To connect climate science with local priorities, ESI launched the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative Journalism Fellowship in April 2021, supporting new reporting on climate change by local journalists across the U.S. Image credit: Cloganese via Flickr

September 2, 2021
Climate and sustainability classes expand at MIT

MIT offers over 120 undergraduate classes related to sustainability, a sign of growing student and faculty interest in the environmental impacts of their fields.

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