Martin Camilo Pérez Lara, Research Affiliate

Martin Camilo Pérez Lara is a distinguished forestry engineer with a master’s degree in international affairs, bringing extensive experience in climate action within both the public and private sectors. His expertise spans international cooperation initiatives; ecosystem services research; and policy design in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, the United States, Madagascar, and the Asia-Pacific region. 

He began his professional career at the Ministry of Environment of Colombia, where he designed the national accounting rules for forest mitigation projects. His career trajectory includes significant roles with esteemed organizations such as the World Bank, the United Nations, and the Center for Clean Air Policy. In his previous role at The Nature Conservancy, Mr. Pérez Lara was instrumental in implementing best socio-environmental practices, working closely with various stakeholders to achieve sustainable development and conservation goals. He also authored the first method to ensure consistency between national reference levels and REDD+ projects. Additionally, he has provided advisory services on transparent and cooperative models for the Paris Agreement.  

Currently, he serves as the Director of Forest Climate Solutions and Impact Monitoring at WWF US. In this role, he establishes monitoring systems in landscapes around the globe, developing operational systems to track the impact of nature-based solutions on people and the climate. He is also responsible for implementing market mechanisms distinguished by their high integrity. 

Mr. Pérez Lara’s professional journey reflects a deep commitment to advancing sustainable environmental practices and developing innovative solutions to global ecological challenges.