Announcing the Climate, Environment, and Sustainability Infusion Fellowship

The Environmental Solutions Initiative is seeking interested MIT faculty to participate in The Climate, Environment, and Sustainability Infusion Fellowship launching in February of 2023. The goal of this project is to establish a program at MIT that empowers the faculty from across all five schools and the college to cross their disciplinary boundaries and to embed topics of climate science, the environment, and sustainability (CES) into the regular undergraduate curriculum.

By infusing CES topics into regular undergraduate subjects, MIT students will be introduced to the critical challenges facing society today and the pathways toward planetary sustainability tomorrow.

The Fellowship will have a duration of two years, and provide the faculty with opportunities to:

  • Build community in a cohort of 10-12 professors across disciplines;.
  • Engage in monthly meetings to learn about innovative CES content knowledge and pedagogical methodologies, work with CES area experts and speakers, workshop new instructional material, and get feedback from peers and ESI staff and visiting experts;
  • Work closely with peer fellows for additional accountability and feedback;
  • Have access to a shared online platform for instructional support.

Funding to support the efforts of participating faculty will be provided by the ESI.

Interested faculty should reach out to Sarah Meyers at for further information.