0030_8094_webAs emerging thought leaders, change agents, and innovators, MIT students have a profound personal investment in shaping a more sustainable environment. MIT’s commitment to developing this extraordinary capacity is reflected in a growing number of academic and student life programs that allow them to ground their passion and apply their ingenuity toward becoming responsible stewards of our planet. ESI will promote the development of diverse activities in education as part of the traditional classroom and beyond our campus.

We have begun with the development of the Environment and Sustainability Minor and will continue with a variety of vehicles for learning focused on the interplay between natural and human systems. For example, the leadership of ESI is laying the groundwork for educational initiatives including the production of a range of teaching products, such as earth systems and climate problem sets to be offered in required undergraduate core classes, mini-lectures and possible half-term classes; a blended learning (residential/digital) test-bed; and non-formal activities such as an environment student commons and winter term, first-year student pre-orientation, and student leadership activities. Richness and depth of student engagement in meaningful environmental studies at MIT is central to ESI’s mission.