Education in Environment and Sustainability at MIT

Studying the environment and sustainability is a hands-on, interdisciplinary, and cutting-edge experience at MIT.  On campus, our academic offerings are designed for students to learn alongside world experts, and coursework relates to real problems facing the planet.  Starting in an undergraduate’s first year and throughout a graduate’s career, the impact of an MIT education in the environment and sustainability can be felt worldwide:

There are options for students to explore the environment and sustainability all four years and during summers (on campus and around the world).  Undergraduate research, academic subjects, student life programs, and even physical education give every student the opportunity to see environmental systems in a completely new way (virtual reality is just one option!)

Degrees in the environment and sustainability: Students in every school and degree program at MIT have the option to study the environment and sustainability, either via their major or via a minor. Learn about degree programs >

Opportunities for incoming first years:  First year students can join the Terrascope Learning Community, a program that offers advising, classes, and activities that take a student-led approach to environmental problem-solving. Learn about Terrascope >

Classes for enrolled MIT students: There are dozens of classes at MIT that address some aspect of sustainability and offer students a chance to explore challenges and solutions for protecting the environment. Learn about the classes in our Environment & Sustainability Minor >