Most of humanity now lives and works in cities that create wealth and generate the majority of global consumption demands for material and energy resources. As such, cities have a major role leading efficient and low-carbon strategies and science-based policies to mitigate climate change. Moreover, while the particular risks of climate change vary from place to place, every city will need to adapt in the years to come to rising seas, increasing wildfires, more frequent heat waves, and intensifying storms. All this is occurring simultaneously with growing housing and transit needs of urban citizens.

The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) in collaboration with the Department of Urban Studies and Planning (DUSP) and ESI aim to create and disseminate knowledge of climate change mitigation and adaptation in cities with the main objective of providing decision-makers at the city level with knowledge to inform climate science-based policy.

The Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) is a global consortium of more than 1,000 experts dedicated to the analysis of climate change mitigation and adaptation from an urban perspective. Based at Columbia University’s Earth Institute with Hubs in cities around the world, UCCRN produces the sustained, state-of- the-knowledge Assessment Report on Climate Change and Cities (ARC3), providing the science base for cities as they act to adapt to and mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Building on UCCRN’s first and second ARC3 report , the Case Study Docking Station is designed as a tool to inform research and practice by allowing cross comparisons of city case studies for a broad range of social, biophysical, cultural, economic, and political contexts. It includes over 100 city case studies covering a range of topics such as climate change vulnerability, hazards and impacts, mitigation and adaptation actions, and sector-specific themes such as wastewater and flood management. The case studies highlight climate change action, both mitigation and adaptation, by cities all over the world.

Case Study Docking Station

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