As part of a larger initiative to expand climate justice education at MIT, the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative is excited to share the Climate Justice Instructional Toolkit. 

The primary goal of these resources and programming is to provide support to faculty members and instructors across disciplines within introductory undergraduate courses to facilitate the integration of climate justice content and related instructional approaches into their courses.

Funded by the Alumni Class Funds Grant, the Toolkit houses a wide-range of climate justice adaptable teaching modules, a starter guide for teaching climate justice, resources for students and climate justice data sets that can serve as supportive tools to enhance professor and instructor teaching content and approaches across Departments, Labs and Centers (DLCs) at MIT. Although this Toolkit was designed with MIT as being its primary audience, it is also completely open for anyone to use.

Before exploring the Climate Justice Instructional Toolkit Resources, see this starter guide, which will help you take full advantage of the Toolkit resources.

Explore the Climate Justice Instructional Toolkit Resources

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