Our work extends far beyond the MIT campus.

Because the world needs true, accessible, actionable information about climate change and other environmental challenges. And we need industries, governments and communities to work together on addressing those challenges—in ways that respect local priorities and respond to people’s real-world concerns.

Partnerships on the ground

ESI Journalism Fellow Tristan Baurick reporting from an offshore wind farm in Rhode Island

ESI Journalism Fellow Tristan Baurick reporting from an offshore wind farm in Rhode Island

MIT is a trusted, respected source of scientific and technical knowledge across the U.S. and the world. By partnering with local leaders, and taking the time to understand people’s hopes, fears and values in the places we operate, we can help break through political stalemate on environmental issues, focus attention on shared facts and knowledge, and get to work on solutions that work for everyone.

Our Here & Real Program pursues long-term, multifaceted engagement in U.S. regions that produce fossil fuels as they face a transition to a clean-energy economy. Our Rapid Response Group deploys MIT students to provide research and analysis support to industry, government and community partners evaluating environmental policy issues. And our ESI Journalism Fellowships give extraordinary journalists across the country the resources they need for deep, thoughtful climate reporting in local newsrooms.

Climate knowledge for everyone

ESI stewards and directs MIT’s central efforts to advance public understanding of climate change, with resources in a variety of media for educators, journalists and the public at large to learn about climate science and solutions and share their knowledge. Our MIT Climate Portal answers frequently asked questions about climate change and gathers together climate resources from across the Institute, while additional online resources like the MIT Climate Primer and the TILclimate podcast provide more opportunities for learning that are fun and easy to engage with.

ESI also develops resources to help educators use these materials to teach climate change in middle and high school classrooms across the country.

Events and convening

U.S. Senator Ed Markey at the ESI "People, Prosperity & the Planet" speaker series

U.S. Senator Ed Markey at the ESI “People, Prosperity & the Planet” speaker series

As a world-leading center of research and higher education, MIT can attract prominent experts and public figures in all fields to its campus. At ESI, we take this as a challenge to convene the most meaningful speakers and workshops for students, faculty, research partners and the public at large.

Our People, Prosperity & the Planet speaker series has featured U.S. Representatives and Senators, noted authors, prominent non-profit leaders and innovative scientists to expand and challenge people’s ideas about the environment and sustainability. And with dedicated workshops and symposia on topics like artificial intelligence in conservation, policy solutions for plastic pollution, and sensors in water and agriculture, we share cutting-edge developments in environmental science and technology with the wide networks of researchers, corporate leaders and policymakers who can put them into action.