MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change recognizes the need to stimulate new activities on campus, and to share essential climate information with a broad public audience. ESI’s engagement activities deliver on both promises.

As a world-leading center of research and higher education, MIT can attract prominent experts and public figures in all fields to its campus. At ESI, we take this as a challenge to convene the most meaningful speaker series and workshops for students and faculty alike. Our People and the Planet lectures have featured U.S. Representatives and Senators, noted authors, prominent non-profit leaders and innovative scientists to challenge students’ ideas about the environment and sustainability. And with dedicated workshops and symposia on topics like artificial intelligence in conservation, microfibers and microplastics, and sensors in water and agriculture, we seek to expose faculty at MIT to promising new directions for their research and cutting-edge developments in environmental science and technology. ESI also hosts a faculty lunch series to disseminate new findings and seed conversations between MIT labs.

Beyond events on campus, ESI also promotes climate education through online resources, the TILclimate podcast, and direct engagement with vulnerable communities in the U.S.