Martin Fellows for Sustainability

The Martin Family Society of Fellows for Sustainability has been supporting doctoral students from the departments across MIT since 1997.  ESI administers the Society in coordination with the Office of the Dean of Graduate Education and with the guidance of a Governance Committee comprised of faculty from all five schools.  Martin Fellows are selected through a competitive process and awarded two semester of funding.

More information about the Martin Fellowships can be found here:

2017 – 2018 Martin Fellows

Parrish Bergquist, Public Opinion, Political Parties, & the Environment: Developing a Contingent Theory of Issue Evolution

Christine Chen, Reconstructing past rainfall changes from ancient, high-altitude lakes in the central Andes

Ethan Evans, Computational guided design of organic peptides to sequester environmental toxins

Frank McGrogan, Understanding the Effect of Electrochemical Fatigue on Capacity Fade in Li-ion Cathodes

Peter Oviatt, Promising Mycorrhiza: The History, Science and Agricultural Applications of a Ubiquitous Soil Symbiosis

Abigail Regitsky, Bioinspired Mineralization in Hydrogels for Sustainable Applications

Hanny Rivera, Genetic connectivity, stress response, and adaptation of corals and anemones to heat stress and its implications for their survival under climate change

Tiziana Smith, Applications of Optimization and Uncertainty Analysis in Food Security and Water Resources Management: Case Studies in China

Juhyun Song, Optimizing Electrode Nanostructure of Electrochemical Energy Systems

Hannah Teicher, Climate Allies: how defense/urban collaborations shape urban adaptation

Boon Uranukul, Engineering of Baker’s Yeast for Sustainable Production of Plastic Precursor Chemicals