About the MIT Climate Portal

MIT Climate is MIT’s central portal to all the work happening across the Institute on climate change, and a place for worldwide discussion and learning on climate science, technology, policy and advocacy. With a community of thousands of users at MIT and beyond, the portal is home to emerging climate science, the latest technologies and innovation, and educational resources like the podcast TILclimate.


Get Involved

The Climate Portal is a free forum for discussion open to all comers, as well as a venue for the Institute to spread the word about its own climate activities. Visitors can keep up with the latest on MIT’s Plan for Action on Climate Change, or post their own content and projects to help foster a wider understanding of climate science and solutions. Visit the portal to see the latest from our community, or create an account to get involved. You can also sign up for a weekly newsletter or follow MIT Climate on Twitter to stay informed about the most notable news, events and activities featured on the portal.


SDG 4: Quality Education SDG 13: Climate Action