About TILclimate

Climate change is confusing.

By now most people understand that the Earth’s temperature is rising, and that this poses a real threat to our species and our planet. But how can a change in temperature lead to extreme weather events and sea level rise? Which human activities are contributing to the problem, and how? What solutions are available to us, and how can we predict their effects? And what does this all mean for my country, my hometown, and my future?

To answer these questions and more, ESI created the podcast TILclimate (Today I Learned: Climate). In 10-minute conversations with real scientists, we cut through the jargon to explain key concepts in words anyone can understand, and in bitesize episodes that are easy to listen to. From planes to hurricanes, and from “geoengineering” to just why it’s so hard to pinpoint the future effects of climate change, TILclimate steers you through the basics so you can make informed decisions about your role in our shared planet’s future.

You can listen to TILclimate here, or subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts.

Read more about TILclimate on MIT News.


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