For incoming MIT undergraduates

To advance human prosperity today while protecting our planet’s natural resources for the future, sustainable thinking, design, and policymaking must be embedded in every field of science, technology and governance. With world-leading departments in every branch of science and engineering, the expertise in finance and economics at the Sloan School of Business, and an emphasis on hands-on learning embedded in real communities around the world, MIT is the perfect place to learn about the real-world practice of sustainability and set the stage for a lifetime of practical contributions to the environment and human wellbeing.

The Environmental Solutions Initiative can help undergraduates:

… with academics

… with experiential learning

  • Join the ESI Rapid Response Group, responding to critical environmental issues with partners in government, industry, civil society and community groups.
  • Seek out internships and undergraduate research opportunities (UROPs). Undergraduate students working with ESI have published white papers, embedded with government agencies and legislators at the state and national level, and traveled to communities around the U.S. to support a just transition to a clean economy.
  • Connect work experiences to sustainability. The Experiential Sustainability summer course challenges students to better understand and reflect on sustainability issues within their summer internships and work opportunities.

… with their future careers

  • Check out prospective employers’ environmental track records and ask them key questions about their climate goals and sustainability job opportunities, through the MIT Career Fair Sustainability Initiative.
  • Find job openings, internships, fellowships, grants and much more. New opportunities are posted regularly on our site.


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