Angela Nam, Education Intern

Angela Nam is the Education Intern at the Environmental Solutions Initiative. She is currently in her final year of the Environmental Science and Policy Master’s program at Northeastern, where she focuses on a broad range of topics from environmental justice to natural resource management.

Before joining ESI, Angela was a research assistant in various labs at UNC Chapel Hill. Some of the areas of her research were (1) fluid dynamics and feeding mechanisms of sea fans, (2) coral physiology and (3) detection of microorganisms near hydrothermal vents. Since then, she decided to venture more into the policy and management side of the environmental science field by joining her current graduate program. Outside of ESI, she is an Executive Function Coach with Engaging Minds, helping students gather tools and strategies for effective ways to learn.

Angela enjoys spending her free time outside through hiking or taking walks and can be frequently found reading by the Charles River or Boston Common. She also enjoys musicals, baking, drawing, and visiting friends and family in New York and North Carolina.