Christopher Noble, Director of Corporate Engagement

I began my working life on oil exploration drilling rigs, in the most remote parts of South America. I loved that long-ago life and work. I have come full circle and am committed to the existential imperative for us to leave as much of the remaining hydrocarbons in place as possible. Also to reverse a separate but related crisis that we are causing, the ongoing extinction of other species.

I focus on creating active partnerships between ESI and for-profit companies, to advance ESI’s and MIT’s environmental mission.

During the first decade of my career, I had operational and M&A management roles in international technology and energy companies, and then spent fifteen years as an entrepreneur, startup CEO and advisor, board member and investor.

I then shifted my career to the environmental field and to non-profits, joining MIT in 2008 as Licensing Officer for MIT’s energy technology, before joining ESI in 2017.

I have a B.Eng. from McGill University in Montreal (1977) and an MBA from MIT Sloan (1983). I lived and worked in North and South America and Europe, and am fluent in French and Spanish. I am an occasional consultant and lecturer (university technology transfer, IP management and valuation, entrepreneurial ecosystems). I have served on several for-profit and non-profit boards, most recently AUTM, the Association of University Technology Managers (2017-2020).

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