Robert Fetell headshot

Robert Fetell, Research Assistant

Robert Henry Fetell is a PhD student in Civil & Environmental Engineering at MIT, researching the reliability of satellite InSAR to monitor critical infrastructure. Principally focused on mine waste (tailings) and flood mitigation embankments, Robert aims to develop early warning systems for disasters in frontline communities.

He previously studied at the University of Pennsylvania, where he received both an MS in Engineering Geology and a BA in Geology. As a student at Penn, Robert founded a 501(c)(3) – the Resilience Youth Network (RYN) – to mentor high school and early college students and provide them with career development opportunities in climate adaptation. RYN runs an annual fellowship, hosts workshops and speaker events, and provides a platform to publish writing.

In his hometown of Miami Beach, Robert helped launch the City’s 50-Year Resiliency Vision Plan. He actively advocates for environmental justice.