Yanni Pappas, Education and Research Intern

Yanni Pappas is the Education and Research Intern at the Environmental Solutions Initiative. He is currently finishing his final year at Northeastern University where he is working towards a double BS degree in Environmental Science with a focus on Conservation and Political Science. Yanni hopes to build a career that bridges the divide between science and policy to ensure that human society works in better harmony with the natural world.

Before joining ESI, Yanni conducted research on atmospheric deposition at the Arnold Arboretum in Jamaica Plain and worked on ecological research at the Archipelagos Marine Conservation Institute in Greece. Previously, Yanni worked as a Program Associate at WorldBoston where he connected international professionals with their counterparts in the U.S. to foster global engagement.

Yanni enjoys gardening, scuba diving, long walks on the beach with his dog, Kimi, and photosynthesizing in the sun. At Northeastern, he has been a leader in the Terra Society where he organizes park cleanups and various events/trips to teach fellow students about environmental science and sustainability issues.