Chris Rabe, Postdoctoral Associate

Chris is a Postdoctoral Associate in Environmental and Sustainability Education at the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative. He earned his doctoral degree in Higher Education at The University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB), where his dissertation research focused on environmental justice instruction in undergraduate courses. Chris hopes to continue to better understand how environmental and climate justice education function from the perspective of students, community members, and faculty while at ESI.

Before joining MIT, Chris spent 15 years as an ESL and composition instructor for immigrant and international students in a variety of educational contexts. In 2012, Chris received his Master’s in Applied Linguistics at UMB where he learned the importance of developing curriculum that met the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students.  This focus on developing curriculum related to students’ lived experiences, combined with a passion for environmental solutions is what spawned Chris’ interest in environmental justice education.

Chris lives in Dorchester and can be found exploring local parks and bike paths with his son, Tiago and partner, Lorena.