Sample roadmaps for completing the Environment & Sustainability Minor

The Environment & Sustainability Minor combines two core required classes with three to four electives from a diverse menu of more than 100 other subjects. Below are five suggested ways that students can fulfill the requirements of the Minor, taking a total of 57-60 units.



  1. Not all core D-Lab subjects nor all electives in the Minor are offered every academic year. See the registrar’s current listing for details.
  2. The following D-Lab subjects currently count as one of the two core classes toward the Minor: D-Lab: Development [EC.701/11.025], D-Lab: Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene [EC.715], D-Lab: Water, Climate Change, and Health [EC.719], D-Lab: Design [EC.720/2.722], and D-Lab: Smallholder Agriculture [EC.724].
  3. A minimum of four subjects (or 48 units) taken for the Environment & Sustainability Minor cannot also count toward a student’s major or other minor. In other words, only one subject that counts toward a student’s major or other minor degree may also count toward the E&S Minor elective requirement. In addition, only two Terrascope subjects can be counted toward the E&S Minor.


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