Applying for the Environment & Sustainability Minor

To apply for the Environment & Sustainability Minor, complete the following steps:

  1. Print/download and fill out the Application Form, leaving sections blank that you’d like to discuss;
  2. Email the form to and request a meeting with Chris Rabe, Postdoctoral Associate in Environment and Sustainability Education;
  3. Bring your transcript and questions to your meeting with Chris.  You’ll go over plans for fulfilling requirements, advising group options, and steps for completing the application with an advisor’s signature.

While students can apply for the Minor at any time before their final semester, we recommend that you do so early in your career at MIT to make the most of the E&S Minor program.

Completing the Minor

In addition to fulfilling the subject and application requirements above, students must complete the following steps before the 3rd week of their final semester (the semester after which they’ll receive an S.B. degree) – in February for students who graduate in June.

  1. Print/download and fill out the Completion Form.
  2. Email the Completion Form to Chris Rabe ( with a request for certification that you’ve met all the criteria for the E&S Minor. In addition, send an unofficial transcript that lists all subjects completed and current registration.
  3. Schedule a 45-minute exit interview with Chris.
  4. ESI will certify your Completion Form and return it to you with signatures.


Email the Environmental Solutions Initiative at

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