2019 Spring Electives

2019 Spring Electives
1.011 Project Evaluation and Management 12 Spring
1.016[J] (same subject as 2.00C) Design for Complex Environmental Issues: Building Solutions and Communicating Ideas 9 Spring
 & 1.080B Environmental Chemistry I
 and Environmental Chemistry II 12 Spring
1.089 or 1.089A Environmental Microbiology or Environmental Microbiology I Spring
1.802[J] Regulation of Chemicals, Radiation, and Biotechnology 12 Spring
3.094 Materials in Human Experience 9 Spring
3.983 Ancient Mesoamerican Civilization 9 Spring
4.432 Modeling Urban Energy Flows for Sustainable Cities and Neighborhoods 12 Spring
4.622 Islamic Gardens and Geographies 12 Spring
8.21 Physics of Energy 12 Spring
10.04 A Philosophical History of Energy 12 Spring
10.05 Foundational Analyses of Problems in Energy and the Environment 12 Spring
11.016[J] The Once and Future City 12 Spring
11.123 Big Plans and Mega-Urban Landscapes 9 Spring
11.142 Geography of the Global Economy 12 Spring
12.002 Introduction to Geophysics and Planetary Science 12 Spring
12.007 Geobiology: History of Life on Earth 12 Spring
12.307 Weather and Climate Laboratory 15 Spring
12.349 Mechanisms and Models of the Global Carbon Cycle 12 Spring
17.309[J] Science, Technology, and Public Policy 12 Spring
21G.417 Cultural Geographies of Germany: Nature, Culture, and Politics 12 Spring
21H.383 Technology and the Global Economy, 1000-2000 12 Spring
21W.775 Writing about Nature and Environmental Issues 12 Spring
22.04[J] Social Problems of Nuclear Energy 12 Spring
EC.711[J] D-Lab: Energy 12 Spring
EC.714 D-Lab: Earth 6 Spring
SP.360 Terrascope Radio 12 Spring
STS.032 Energy, Environment, and Society 12 Spring

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