The mission of the MIT Environment Solutions Initiative, as stated in our publications and public representations, is “to advance science, engineering, policy and social science, design, the humanities, and the arts toward a people-centric and planet-positive future.”

Our ability to live up to this mission rests on our partnerships with other organizations within and outside MIT, and on our credibility as a responsible and ethical actor within those partnerships. As such, we have adopted a set of Principles of Conduct and Engagement, to which we, our community, and the public can hold us accountable.

Our Principles of Conduct commit us to advancing environmental responsibility, equity and inclusion, communication and transparency, and a strong community in our own operations and in MIT as a whole. Our Principles of Engagement govern our relationships with other entities, including potential donors, project partners, guests on campus, and all others, and commit us to rigorously evaluate those partnerships to ensure they uphold our mission and values. Both sets of principles are reviewed annually to confirm that they represent current best practices and that we have continued to live up to the high standards we set for ourselves.

These principles are reviewed and updated on an annual basis. The most recent revisions were published in January 2023.

Read our Principles of Conduct and Engagement.