Plastics Policy Workshop 2020 Sessions

Introduction and Plenary Address

Featuring Juliet Kabera, Director General of Environment and Climate Change, Rwandan Ministry of Environment; with an introduction from MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative Director John Fernández

Day 1 Panel Sessions

Panel 1: "Policy Making"

Panel 2: "Policy Advocacy"

Panel 3: "New Materials"

Panel 4: "Recycling and Disposal"

Day 2 Breakout Sessions

Breakout 1: "Local and State Policymaking"

Breakout 2: "National Policymaking"

Breakout 3: "International Agreements"

Breakout 4: "New Materials Science"

Breakout 5: "Recycling, Reuse, Disposal, and Plastic Substitutes"

Open-Mic Recap and New Initiatives

Keynote Address

A virtual fireside chat on the theme of "U.S. Environmental Action at the Federal and State Levels," featuring U.S. Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska and California Secretary of State Alex Padilla.

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