July 9, 2021
Three questions on mining and the environment with Scott Odell

An introduction to our post-doctoral associate in the Metals, Minerals & the Environment Program.

July 1, 2021
ESI and Minciencias sign memorandum of understanding

The collaboration with Colombia's Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation will center on sustainable economic activity within biodiverse regions.

May 20, 2021
ESI and the MIT Climate Action Plan

As MIT reveals its new Plan for Action on Climate Change, the time is right for us to take stock of what we have accomplished on this greatest of all environmental and social challenges, and how we have positioned ourselves to do more.

April 29, 2021
Low-Carbon, Locally

ESI's Here and Real program connects MIT climate research to communities.

April 23, 2021
Protecting and Enhancing Natural Carbon Sinks

There is an urgent need for investment, policy, and technological innovations in natural carbon sequestration and the local communities who can protect and enhance carbon-storing ecosystems.

April 8, 2021
To advance climate action, MIT seeks partnerships beyond industry

Engagement with political, community leaders must be a key part of forthcoming climate action plan, MIT climate leaders say at Climate Engagement Forum.

March 18, 2021
Environmental Solutions Initiative digs into how reliance on coal impacts county, school funding

A new white paper from ESI shows that the shuttering of coal mines in southwestern Pennsylvania is having an outsized impact on local tax revenues, and shale gas can't make up the difference.

February 5, 2021
The Practical Challenges of Carbon Footprinting

ESI's Suzanne Greene has published two new papers tackling carbon footprints in sectors at the base of industrial supply chains.

November 10, 2020
Environmental Solutions Initiative puts sustainability front and center at the MIT career fair

A new online tool lets students track key metrics on employers’ carbon footprints and encourages more engagement on sustainability issues.

October 1, 2020
Revamped MIT Climate Portal aims to inform and empower the public

MIT and ESI announced a dramatic overhaul of the MIT Climate Portal, including new features that provide the public with the best information on climate change direct from scientists and experts.

August 13, 2020
Rapidly Responding in a Complex World

This summer, the newly-formed ESI Rapid Response Group produced state of the art synopses, fact sheets, talking points, research agendas, Op-Eds, panel discussions, information pieces and more.

August 4, 2020
MIT and Wyoming Explore Energy and Climate Solutions

Members of Wyoming’s government and public university met with MIT researchers to discuss climate-friendly economic growth.

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