What will you do in MITASC?

The MIT Action Sustainability Corps is not just a series of projects: it’s a student community. Our activities are designed to give MITASC members a shared language and understanding around sustainability, and create a network of support that will last beyond graduation.

  • Workshops, Outings and Events

MITASC organizes regular workshops for members to share and reflect on their work experiences, learn from experts in the field of environment and sustainability, and grow as a cohort. We also travel “off-site” for conferences, learning activities and networking events.

  • Mentorship and Advising

Students at MIT have a wealth of opportunities to do meaningful, real-world sustainability work, but finding the right project for your skills and interests can be challenging. MITASC provides mentorship to connect you with the right advisors and the right work experiences, and better understand each member’s personal and career goals.

  • Reporting Our Stories

Central to the MITASC experience is the creation of reflection pieces that encourage members to put their work in a broader context and be purposeful in preparing for a lifetime of sustainable thinking and practice. Members produce private reflection pieces, as well as share their stories publicly through blog posts, videos, or other media.

  • Grants

MITASC members receive small grants for networking and professional development, which can be used to attend job fairs, conferences, workshops, or other career-building events.

  • Celebrating Our Work

Each MITASC cohort produces an annual showcase of their work displayed on the MIT campus.



MITASC is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in sustainability. To inquire about joining, contact Sarah Meyers.