MITASC offers MIT students a “way in” to sustainability outside the classroom. Members will:

Prime for Action. Members are introduced to environment and sustainability basics, best practices, sustainable habits and behaviors, and career paths and skill sets that suit their interests and talents. We seek to prepare members for sustainability challenges that they may face in their work, in the political arena, and in their personal lives.

Engage in Challenges. MITASC supports members in finding and selecting sustainability-related work opportunities, by connecting them with a network of advisors and offering funding for conferences, job fairs, and networking events.

Reflect on Impact. Members engage in structured reflection on their work experiences, both independently and collectively. Through group discussions and the creation of personal reflection pieces, members cultivate learning about the greater impacts of their engagement.

Develop a Cohort. MITASC facilitates collaboration and conversation between members with common passions, encouraging student networking and team building. MITASC exists first and foremost as a community of student leaders who will continue to pursue sustainability projects at MIT and mentor new members in future years.

MITASC is open to both undergraduate and graduate students interested in careers in sustainability. To inquire about joining, contact Sarah Meyers.